Sunday, July 19, 2009

Man Utd Asia Tour 2009!

the training!

the match day warm up!

the match!

the pictures are all kinda blur..taken using my please be considerate..hmm..the training was awesome! the first time i see them live in front of my own eyes..can't really believe it when i actually sees them! woo~ haha..the seats were pretty far though..the match day was even better! went there at about 3pm when the match was due to kick off at 5.30pm..was pretty fortunate to get some good seats thanks to God's glory..its a lil too hot at the beginning..kinda frustrating waiting with some jackasses started smoking here and there..and some jakun fella start to shout at some basket trying to act hero wearing rival jerseys! luckily nothing much happened..i swear the last thing you'd wanna see is those jerks starting to fight! nothing much between that before the match got kick off..its was pure good match..credits to Malaysia XI..they really give up a good fight to Man Utd..keep them to their toes! was kinda worried that Man Utd can't get their winner..but thanks to Micheal Owen! hopefully he'll continue to find that kind of sharpness in front of goal when the EPL really got kick start! ohh..can't wait! so yeah, the match ended Man Utd 3-2 Malaysia XI..good news to those who missed the match..they're gonna play another game on Monday night at 8.45pm..due to last minute call off of the match in Jakarta..i'm planning to go again..anyone want in? xD RM98 for all this..totally worth it!

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