Thursday, June 11, 2009

Exams over babeh!

oh yea you heard me! exams over!! phhew..

its been a complete month of draining exams..and its finally over now!! got a phone call straight after the exam from Govin and Paul asking me if i wanted to watch a movie..oh hell yeah! as a result we went watch..17 again! lol..sounds gay..i know! but the movie was great..a lil like the movie, click..after that was futsal with Ben, Jac and bunch of unknown was great n tiring!

and again..i went pyramid with the ss 'awesome' Mavis "the psychopath"! planned to watch angels and demons..but i had a wee nap before that and thus we missed the instead we went shopping! lol..she wanted to look at there we go! walked about in pyramid for about four whole hours before meeting up with Ben and went BBQ plaza for my early dinner..aiks..then sent Mavis home..everything was plain fantastic! =)

i love holiday! woohoo~

and i'm going KLCC with Patcrick tomorrow..brilliant!

p/s: oh yeah, i'm selling all my notes away..please forward this around! thanks..

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