Tuesday, February 24, 2009

what is love?

err..this is suppose to be for V-day..but kinda too late..

Love is when you can say to someone , 'I love you!'
Love is when you get to hold someone's hands.
Love is when you can talk on the phone for hours.
Love is when you give a hug to someone.
Love is when you got to accompany her for shopping for hours.
Love is when you give someone a massage.
Love is when you show someone you care!
Love is a good feeling.
Love is emotional and sweeps me off my feet!
Love is unexplainably magical!
Love is laughing and crying together.
Love is buying presents.
Love is carrying each other's burden.
Love is lending someone your shoulder!
Love is generous.
Love is appreciative!
Love is trans-ethnicity!
Love is trans-geographical!
Love is trans-generational!
Love is color-blind!
Love is food to the soul!

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